Sara Baras and More Best Bets for March 23–29 - WCP

For 49 years, the DC History Conference has provided a platform for those looking to explore and better understand the complexities of Washington and its past, present, and future; a key step to furthering the District’s self-rule. In 1973, when D.C. scholars found themselves facing a lack of opportunity to present their academic work, they created their own. Speaking with City Paper, Laura Hagood Executive Director of the DC History Center and Maren Orchard, its program manager, note that the e

DC Record Fair, Bad Books, and More Best Bets for March 16–22 - WCP

Returning to the city this weekend is the biannual DC Record Fair at Eaton DC. Food, drinks, DJs (Valentina, Les The DJ, Oso Fresh, Lulu Lewis, Ex Ex Ex, and RWeOnTheAir?!), music enthusiasts, and—of course—a seemingly endless supply of vinyl will take over the second floor of the hotel on Sunday, March 19. With more than 45 record vendors attending from all over the East Coast, including D.C. shops Joint Custody and Byrdland Records, you’ll be sure to find the latest Harry Styles, SZA, and Stev

Activists Offer Circular Perspective on Fashion and the Fast Fashion Industry - WCP

During an hour-long panel discussion with fashion activists, on Saturday, Sept. 24, students and visitors of the George Washington University Textile Museum learned how to approach fashion from a circular perspective instead of a linear one. Clothing, panelists argued, should be seen and treated as something people can rewear and repair, even when it’s no longer in style.

The Cherry Blossoms are here: A season of hope, renewal and instagrammable moments is upon us

In Washington D.C., there is only one thing that really marks the beginning of Spring: Japanese cherry blossoms. The ephemeral budding of these pink and white flowers, gifted as a symbol of friendship by The People of Japan in 1912, signifies the promise of warmer days ahead. And as the temperatures rise, these foreign flowers, now a part of D.C. culture, keep blooming.